Ruth, parent:

"That's a Woolly Bear caterpillar Mommy," my four year old son declares as we examine the black and tan hitchhiker inside our van one day. This fuzzy little caterpillar's name, what it eats, what exciting changes happen to it later.... ...Beautiful, integrated learning. With the backdrop of a constantly changing 'classroom', Jen provides terrifically fun learning opportunities for her students. The children learn without being 'taught'. What could be better?

Mika, parent:

We are huge fans of Forest School!  Maplewood Forest School has helped our son truly appreciate nature.

During the first couple of weeks of school, our son would cry when it was too windy or when he had to wear his rain gear, and he refused to get his hands dirty.  Jen was always patient, and her enthusiasm for the outdoors encouraged him to explore the beautiful environment around him.

Today, he splashes in puddles, catches snowflakes on his tongue, and does a little happy dance when it's time to go to Forest School.

He is only 3 years old and he can point out maple keys on the ground, and shout out "cirrus clouds!" when he looks up at the sky.

Thank you for teaching our son that—rain or shine— "It's a beautiful day!"

Laura, parent:

Forest School has enhanced all aspects of our boys' outdoor experience. They now know how to dress properly for outdoor adventures in any season and have heightened awareness and curiosity about the natural world and environmental issues.

We are often amazed by their practical knowledge about the outdoors and increased observational skills, frequently demonstrated by spontaneously identifying a type of cloud, species of bird call, or variety of pine cone!