Forest School Practitioners' Course 

Jen Mason has worked in a foundational capacity in the development of Forest School Canada (FSC)—a national organization to support all aspects of Forest School. She is the Instructional Design Leader for Forest School Canada and a Facilitator of the Forest School Practitioners' Course. 

Pilot Programs 

In July 2013, FSC hosted two pilot Forest School Practitioners' Courses in partnership with the UK Forest School Association and long-time UK Forest School Trainer, Jon CreeIn 2014, we are offering several additional pilot courses. 

The Level 3 Forest School Practitioners Course gives educators the practical and theoretical tools they need to safely and effectively establish and run their own Forest School programs. 

The course consists of an initial 5-day intensive, followed by at-home course-work, which includes the delivery of 6 practice sessions with a student group. It takes eight months to a year to complete.

Canadian Curriculum

Forest School training courses have been offered to educators in the UK for over a decade. To date, approximately 10,000 people have participated in these programs.

In an effort to connect with this tradition of practice and benefit from the learning of others, FSC has adapted the established UK Level 3 Forest School Practitioner Course for the Canadian context. The result is a program steeped in the tradition of Forest School abroad, but grounded in the realities of the Canadian experience.

After the pilot programs have taken place, FSC will facilitate a national engagement process to continue to develop the course based on the participation and input of Forest School practitioners across Canada.

Other courses

Over time, FSC plans to develop other courses and workshops which will be open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Forest School model, including educators, administrators, parents, researchers, and policy-makers.

Information and Registration 

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